Book Sales

The primary way the FOL
raises funds to support our mission
is through our Book Sales.

Thanks to everyone who shopped at our Spring Book Sale. It was a tremendous success.

We appreciate everyone who donated books, shopped, and volunteered.


We will have another big sale at the Library in October.


Meanwhile, are open the first Saturday of the month at No. 3 RR Street in Arnoldsille.

Twice a year – The Friends of the Library holds a 2 or 3-Day Book Sale at the library.  This is our primary fund raising event.

These sales are a wonderful opportunity for the community to visit the library and stock up some some great bargains.

All hardback novels are only $1.  Paperbacks are .25.  We have an excellent selection of Non Fiction titles, as well as Children’s Books, Teen Graphic Novels, CDs and DVDs.  These are events not to be missed!

Our sales are usually held in the spring and fall.  Be sure to check our Calendar of Events to find the dates of the next sale.  Our sales are also listed in the Community Calendar of the Oglethorpe County Echo and the Flagpole.

The Friends of the Library also has a section of shelves in the library – right across from the non-fiction section – where we have books for sale.  These are available for purchase any time the library is open. We accept both cash and checks.

Outreach Book Sales

The FOL is very fortunate to have a “Satellite”Book Store
at No. 3 RR Street in Arnoldsville.


Next Sale:


10 a.m. – 2 p.m.


Books and electronic media are available for purchase anytime there is
a musical event at No/ 3 RR St.


Be sure to check our Calendar of Events or find the next sale in the Community Events section of The Oglethorpe Echo.

Holiday Bazaar

In December, 2021 the FOL held its first annual Book Sale and Christmas Bazaar at No. 3 RR St. in Arnoldsville.

It was the first time we offered the community products other than books and electronic media, and was a huge success.

The Christmas Bazaar featured a great variety of handmade wreaths and ornaments crafted by our wonderful volunteers.  There were also large baskets of $1 Stocking Stuffers and $3 Grab Bag Prizes in addition to many Chritsmas-themed books

Very popular items at this event were a variety of themed Gift Baskets containing themed books and products.  The Romantic Couples basket held a three romance novels, a bottle of wine, two wine glasses, a votive candle, and a variety of snacks.  Other themes were Southern Belle, Garden Delights, Best Man, Dog’s Best Friend and Bird Lovers.  We are very excited about the fun possibilities we will be offering this year.

Book Donations

Our Book Sales are only possible with kind donations from our community.

If you have some “gently used” books your would like to donate, all you have to do is drop them off at the Oglethorpe County Library.

We accept all types of books but unfortunately cannot accept: Encylopedias, Text Books, Magazines.  These just don’t sell.

Oglethorpe County Public Library

858 Athens Road

Crawford, Georgia


I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.

– J. K. Rowling